Used 2016 Hobie Mirage Outfitter Tandem
Manufacturer:  Hobie
Boat:  Mirage Outfitter
Material:  Rotomolded Polyethylene
Length:  12' 8"
Width:  34"
Weight:  90 lbs.
Condition:  New Boat
Retail:  $3,449
  Used Once - $3,299


By now, most everyone is familiar with the amazing Hobie Pedal kayaks. The revolutionary pedal driven propulsion system (the MirageDrive) is simple and easy to use, and it creates the fastest kayaks on the water. Pedaling the Mirage kayaks is effortless, and your hands remain free for fishing, photography, birdwatching, eating just about anything you want. Hobie has become SNAC’s best selling kayak line of all time, and we have an incredible selection in for this season!


The new Mirage Outfitter give you all the pedaling pleasure you could want in a tandem package – double the fun! Also, this is the only two-person pedal kayak that you can SAIL as well! Load your gear for a campout, too! Pedal, paddle, or sail … these boats can do it all!! Includes all outfitting, paddles, pedals, seats, hatches, molded in rod-holders, and the twist & stow rudder system. Optional sail sold separately.


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