Jimmy Styxs Ironhide 330 SUP Pkg
Manufacturer:  Jimmy Styx
Boat:  Ironhide 330
Material:  Polyurethane core, polyethylene shell
Length:  10'10"
Width:  32"
Weight:  38 lbs.
Condition:  New Boat
Retail:  $499
  Back in stock end of July! Taking advance orders now!

The IRONHIDE SERIES SUPs were developed to be the strongest and most durable SUPs available. While maintaining the performance characteristics of an epoxy SUP, IRONHIDE SERIES SUPs are virtually impervious to dings and cracks.

Constructed of a sturdy polyurethane core encased in shatter-resistant high density polyethylene, JIMMY STYKSTM IRONHIDE SERIES SUPs can take a serious beating.

The exceptional durability of the IRONHIDE products are an excellent choice for rugged environments, crowded waterways, rentals, first time paddlers and children.

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