This two-headed monster is technically two separate people, but they’ve worked together so closely building SNAC for more than 27 years that it’s hard to tell. Shawn has the vision, their incredible staff makes it happen, and Jill pays for it. Coco, their 10-year-old lab hybrid is the best fitness trainer they could ever imagine. In their spare time the three of them paddle together on a family SUP or in a canoe.



Ric is our Rock who runs SNAC Sonora and he’s been with us practically since the beginning. He & Jessica (a former SNAC’er) were the first SNAC couple who went on to have the first SNAC baby, Lyle. He’s spent the last decade introducing his kids to all the outdoor activities they love. His real job is being the best Dad he can be to Molly & Lyle.


If you’re wondering how it is that Peter is so comfortable in our Sonora store, it’s because he started his climbing career there. Ric set him up a couple decades ago and he’s been adventuring ever since. He’s spent years outfitting people for a variety of outdoor pursuits and now he’s back in town and can help you gear up!



2020 marks Suki’s 10th year “playing” at SNAC Murphys. She jumped right in by going snowshoeing with the SNAC Family in the winter and paddling in the summer. Besides knowing our area like the back of her hand, Suki’s been a world traveler who brings her life experience and travel experience to her job. Her favorite staff trip was the Elkhorn Slough paddle where she got to love on our SNAC babies.


One thing you can say about Paula, she loves where she lives! She spends her free time exploring the Hwy 4 corridor and Ebbett’s Pass. She hikes, bikes and skis and takes her grandkids fishing and kayaking. She makes her dogs happy when she includes them in her hikes, like this one at the Hoo Doos above Upper Kinney Lake. When she’s not enjoying her outdoor passions, she can be found welcoming you to SNAC Murphys.


Lizzy’s previous work experience makes her a perfect fit for SNAC Arnold & Murphys. She’s been an Assistant Teacher, Camp Counselor, Photographer & Media Head – and she’s even worked on Madison Avenue in New York City! She’s at home as an Assistant Women’s Apparel Buyer where she can put all her skills to good use. When she’s not working, she stays busy exploring her new home in the Motherlode!



Raised in Tuolumne County, Clint Smitheman has been exploring the Sierra Nevada since before he could walk, and he’s been skiing since the age of 10. He’s hiked, climbed, or skied over 100 peaks in the Sierra and his current obsession is his Never Summer Ski Project, an unbroken string of skiing every month in the 21st century. When he’s not busy being SNAC’s IT Department or Meteorologist, he pursues his other passions – international adventures with his life partner Susan, and dog sledding.


To say that Chad is passionate about snowsports would be an understatement. He’s been snowboarding since ’87 and worked in the industry for almost 20 years. He’s coached on the Mountain and does everything from ski & board tuning to running the rental room to being a SNAC Buyer. His priority is providing great customer service, educating our customers, and teaching his twins how to snowboard.


Max began his career in the outdoor sporting goods industry in 1999 at Santa Rosa Ski & Sports. Max has been a certified Ski Tech for over 20 years. He is passionate about turning over high-quality ski and snowboard tunes and thrives on customer satisfaction. Max became a part of the SNAC family when moving to Arnold California from the Bay Area in 2014. Max is quickly growing his reputation on the HWY 4 Bear Valley corridor for his reliable knowledge and experience in the winter sports industry. Max is also responsible for growing SNAC’s Logo Department to a whole new level. When he’s not working, he’s busy prepping his one-year-old daughter for a life of skateboarding and snowboarding.


Kat is a 20 year old who’s grown up in this beautiful part of California and she’s always done activities outside. She enjoys snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking and spending time in her hammock. This college student has been a lifeguard, so she’s comfortable directing traffic on those busy summer kayak rental days. As a ski tech, she’s at home in the winter rental room. She gets that you’re on your way to your favorite outdoor activity, so she’ll set you up with your rental gear as quickly (and sweetly) as possible.


Archer is a 21-year-old student at the University of the Pacific and he’s an avid adventurer. When he’s not skiing, paddling or backpacking, he’s either doing homework or taking a break from homework to exhaust his puppy, Ranger. It’s a win-win because this distraction gets them both outside, where they ultimately have more fun. Though Archer is homegrown and knows the area, he always finds new places to explore.


Ever wonder how we keep all the balls in the air at the same time?  It’s with great behind-the-scenes help upstairs in the office.  Yvonne’s raised four kids, so she knows how to keep the staff in line.  She’s on it when it comes to getting everyone what they need to do their jobs and keeping our vendors happy.  How could we function without the zen calmness she brings to The Cosmic Brain? If she didn’t live in Calaveras County, she’d be at the beach.