Thanks to Adam Stanton for this awesome sign welcoming Disc Golfers to the new course in San Andreas. He must have heard about the Hwy 4 Disc Golf Artists who claimed 18 tone poles (recycled 7.5 gallon propane tanks) to use as their canvas for expressing what this course means. People will want to come out to Plug Ugly just to see the tone pole Art! We have professional Artist, Staria Stine with two beautiful tones “Be Inspired” and “Love Your Planet”. Tourney Players, Rob Cole and Teri Warnick and their families painted tones showing Black Bart, miners, fishermen, waterfalls and other scenes of the natural beauty that can be found in the area. There are too many great artists to name, but they shared their take on the cement plant, our local elephants at PAWS (the wildlife sanctuary in San Andreas), Basket Chains, Trees and leaves, Cala-veras (coke can style), Dis-Cover Calaveras, a wine barrel, of course, and many other Calaveras themed designs. Thanks also go out to Dan O’Boyle and Gary Herd of the Historical Society who are putting together a large sign giving us a historical perspective on the Plug Ugly Mine. What a Community effort this course has been! Come on out Labor Day weekend to check it out, and then play the Grand Opener on 9/10/16!