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Eddyline Caribbean 14FS


The Caribbean 14FS features our redesigned removable Frame Seat (FS) that provides improved support and comfort. The frame seat is equally comfortable while paddling or as your camp chair. The rear tankwell has been redesigned to [...]

Eddyline Caribbean 14FS2023-07-22T20:28:12+00:00

Eddyline Caribbean 12FS Angler


The Caribbean 12 FS Angler features a removable frame seat –equally comfortable while paddling and as your camp chair. The award-winning Caribbean hull design makes for an efficient and stable kayak. The large front and [...]

Eddyline Caribbean 12FS Angler2023-07-22T20:29:04+00:00

Eddyline Sky 10


The Sky 10 is a recreational sized kayak that provides the safety and comfort features and performance of full-fledged sea kayaks. Weighing only 32 pounds, the Sky 10 is one of the best paddling 10-foot [...]

Eddyline Sky 102023-07-22T20:32:53+00:00

Eddyline Skylark


Eddyline's best-selling model doesn't stray far from the company's touring kayak roots. The 12-foot Skylark has abundant stability and a roomy fit yet retains the efficiency to keep up with longer boats. Hatches and bulkheads [...]

Eddyline Skylark2023-07-22T20:47:19+00:00

Eddyline Caribbean 12FS


The Caribbean 12 FS features a removable frame seat, equally comfortable while paddling and as your camp chair. The award-winning Caribbean hull design makes for an efficient and stable kayak. The large front and smaller [...]

Eddyline Caribbean 12FS2023-07-22T20:44:54+00:00

Eddyline Sandpiper 130


Based on the classic Sandpiper, the Sandpiper 130 has been extended to 13 feet, given an 18 inch oval rear hatch, and a removable Cloud 10 Framed seat. The Sandpiper 130 has a large cockpit [...]

Eddyline Sandpiper 1302023-07-22T21:15:15+00:00

Eddyline Sandpiper


With a large cockpit and great stability, the Sandpiper makes getting in or out of the kayak a breeze, even from a dock or boat deck. At 12 feet long, the Sandpiper comes with a [...]

Eddyline Sandpiper2023-07-22T21:12:44+00:00

Eddyline Rio


The Rio is designed for the smaller-framed paddler looking for a recreational style kayak with spirited performance and nimble handling. At just under 12 feet in length and only 35 pounds, the Rio combines comfortable [...]

Eddyline Rio2023-07-22T21:14:29+00:00

Eddyline Equinox


The Equinox melds the comfort of recreational kayaks and the performance of a true sea kayak. The efficient hull and hard chines provide stability and glide while tracking well and turning with ease. An ample [...]

Eddyline Equinox2023-07-22T21:17:46+00:00

Lifetime Kids Recruit (w/paddle)


The Lifetime Recruit 6.5 Kayak is a great option for beginner paddlers. Designed for youth ages 5 and up, or up to 150 lb, the Recruit 6.5 is durably built with a stable hull design [...]

Lifetime Kids Recruit (w/paddle)2023-07-03T18:35:56+00:00

Feelfree Aventura 110


The all new Aventura V2 has all the performance features of the original version including a large accessible cockpit, padded comfort seat and adjustable high backrest along with some updates to improve your paddling experience. [...]

Feelfree Aventura 1102023-08-26T21:33:49+00:00

Feelfree Gemini


Fast and fun for two, the Feelfree Gemini is a excellent performing tandem kayak whether you are out for a day exploring, snorkeling, fishing or just having fun with the family. With an extra long [...]

Feelfree Gemini2023-08-05T23:32:45+00:00

Feelfree Corona


The ultimate family kayak, the Feelfree Corona is comfortable, stable and versatile, with three different seating configurations. The middle section of the kayak can be utilized as a spot for a third paddler or be [...]

Feelfree Corona2023-08-26T21:34:22+00:00

Aquaglide Chelan 140 Tandem


The Chelan 140 is one of the most versatile kayaks in the Aquaglide performance touring series. The unique combination of rugged Duratex™ tube construction with a drop-stitch, hard-bottom floor results in a rigid and responsive [...]

Aquaglide Chelan 140 Tandem2023-07-30T19:35:43+00:00

Aquaglide Chelan 155 Tandem


A true tandem inflatable kayak for performance touring, the Chelan 155 is optimized for hull speed and paddling efficiency that can be used as a solo boat, for two adults plus gear, or with a [...]

Aquaglide Chelan 155 Tandem2023-07-31T00:54:13+00:00
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