Explore the world beyond the shore with the GLIDE

O2 Quest Inflatable Touring SUP. Designed for long-distance paddling, this high-performance inflatable board provides a smooth, efficient glide that enables you to cover greater distances with ease. Confidently tackle any waterway, from serene lakes to challenging coastal routes, and experience the freedom of exploring with the O2 Quest. Built with Commercial-grade PVC and welded rails, the O2 Quest offers exceptional durability and strength, allowing you to embark on extended expeditions without worry. The spacious deck area, complete with bungee storage and multiple attachment points, ensures you can carry all the gear you need for your adventure, making the O2 Quest the perfect companion for your next touring expedition! Highlights:

  • High-performance inflatable SUP designed for touring and long-distance paddling, perfect for adventurous spirits
  • Commercial-grade PVC construction and welded rails for enhanced durability, handling diverse environments
  • Woven drop-stitch core for rigidity and lightweight feel, providing a smooth and efficient glide
  • Sleek design for smooth and efficient gliding, allowing you to cover vast distances with ease
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty, guaranteeing support and reliability for countless adventures