Sharing the stoke is what this board is all about. Created to get everyone on board, the Carnival lowers the entry barrier to SUP if there ever was one.

For resorts, beach clubs, schools and event organizers, the Carnival Cruiser is inflatable, comes with a royal amount of soft EVA and offers the best possible shared paddling experience for groups of up to 10 people. Explore local waters, paddle into a party wave or race another Carnival Cruiser – the choice is yours, and they’re all fun!

Anyone who’s seen the shore-break antics of that ultra-famous Hawaiian must have wondered what it is like to conquer the local break with your best friends. The Carnival Cruiser is your chance! Imagine catching a wave with ten of your best surfing buddies. Multiply the stoke, and seeing someone wipe out is SO much better when you’re sharing the view.


SNAC has one to rent for the day for your whole family!  Bring the dogs, coolers and cousins.  $140 per day.