At this time SNAC is not accepting Consignment Kayaks, Canoes or Paddleboards for the 2022 season. (updated 6/20/22)

Now is the time to clean out your garage & bring in any used boats or boards that aren’t getting any love. With SNAC’s Consignment Program, our expert staff will sell your boat or board.

Call 209-795-9310 ext 2 to make an appointment for us to see your boat or board at SNAC Arnold & discuss the details of our program. Questions? Read over the Consignment FAQ on this page. We look forward to helping you sell your kayak or canoe!


If you decide you would like to put your boat into SNAC’s consignment program, upon sale of your boat, SNAC would receive 30% of the Net (pre-tax) Sales Price. You would receive 70% of the Net (pre-tax) Sales Price via SNAC check within ten days of the transaction.

SNAC will do it’s best to sell your boat at our agreed-upon price. From time to time, using our best judgment, it may help to reduce the price (no more than 10% less than agreed-upon price) in order to close a sale.

You can also have your price be a firm price — in which case, we will not lower the selling price under any circumstances without first consulting you.

Your boat may be displayed in the Arnold store, advertised on our website & social media, and any other means SNAC deems necessary to sell the boat. SNAC is not obligated to display your boat in-store at all times.

SNAC may store your boat off-site if necessary, but will try to notify you via email if your boat is transferred to our off-site storage location.

When your boat is on-site, it will be stored with SNAC’s other demo boats, outside, cabled and locked to a rack at all times. Although SNAC has never lost a boat to theft, SNAC is not responsible for theft.

Call 209-795-9310 ext 2 to make an appointment for us to see your boat or board at SNAC Arnold and determine whether we can sell it for you at SNAC.

Remember, SNAC cannot accept every boat into its consignment program. NO motorboats, folding kayaks, inflatable kayaks, surfboards or whitewater boats of any kind. We will only consider boats in good repair (no missing parts, holes, etc). You will be responsible for transporting your kayak or canoe to our Arnold Showroom.