State of the Lakes July 15th Update:  

Access now to Union, Utica, Lake Alpine, and Spicer Reservoir.

Campgrounds at Spicer, Union, Utica and Lake Alpine are now open.

Highland Lakes road is closed past Bloomfield campground.

Spicer Reservoir

des-spicerSpicer Reservoir is located eight miles southwest of Highway 4 on Spicer Reservoir Road, in a timbered setting at 6,600 foot elevation. It has a surface area of 2,000 acres when full. A boat ramp with turnaround area and movable dock is available. No overnight mooring is permitted. Maximum speed on the western portion of the lake is 10 mph; the eastern portion, surrounded by the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness, is managed for non-motorized uses only. Spicer Campground and Spicer Group Campground are nearby. A Wilderness Permit (available at the Calaveras Ranger District Office free of charge) is required for shoreline camping in the eastern (non-motorized) portion of the lake. Open June to October.

des-alpLake Alpine

Lake Alpine is located on Highway 4, 50 miles east of Angels Camp. It lies in a timbered setting at an elevation of 7,350 feet and covers 180 acres at a depth of 40 feet. Developed Campgrounds and Day Use Sites are available nearby. A boat ramp is located near Lake Alpine Picnic Area. Maximum speed limit on the lake is 10 mph. No overnight mooring is permitted, and motorized boats are not allowed on the lake at night. Open mid-June to October.

Union and Utica Reservoirs

des-unionThese scenic small, twin reservoirs are located off the Spicer Reservoir Road. The setting is more rustic than either Spicer Reservoir or Lake Alpine. There are no developed recreation facilities at either lake; however, the area is popular for day use, dispersed camping, canoeing, and kayaking. A primitive boat launch is available at Union Reservoir and the lake is stocked with fish … a great spot for fishermen. Maximum boat speed is 5 mph. Utica Reservoir is managed for non-motorized boating. Open June to October.

Highland Lakes

These two small lakes are located at the end of Highland Lakes Road off Highway 4, close to the top of Ebbetts Pass at an elevation of 8,600 feet. They are set in a spectacular high alpine valley, with the developed Highland Lakes Campground nearby. These two lakes are unique in that they are headwaters for two different watersheds: the eastern lake flows into the Mokelumne River drainage, while the western lake flows into the Stanislaus River drainage. Maximum boat speed on both lakes is 5 mph, and gas powered motors are discouraged. Open late June to October.

Information courtesy of the Calaveras Ranger District – Hathaway Pines – (209) 795-1381