Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals

SNAC has found the perfect brands of stand up paddleboards (SUP) to explore our high elevation lakes. If you haven’t tried Stand Up Paddle Boarding, this is the year! It’s easy! The learning curve is fast and within five minutes, you’re doing a new sport! It’s an incredible whole-body exercise — from the bottoms of your feet to the tops of your shoulders, you’re getting stronger fast.  Thirty minutes of stand up paddling is a complete workout. It builds deep core strength.  Your lower back, abdomen and hips are fully engaged and strengthened. It’s relaxing & meditative and also fun and addictive! Try it out this year at SNAC. All of our Stand Up Paddle Boards are available to rent at SNAC!

Stand Up Paddle Board Rental Rates

Type Rental Rate
Single Stand Up Paddle Board $50 First Day
Additional Days are 25% off First Day Rate!

Rental Includes: Paddle Board, Paddle & Lifevest
Kayak , Canoe & SUP rentals available in ARNOLD ONLY

To make a reservation please call the Arnold store between 12pm and 4pm at (209) 795-9310

Rentals are by the day and can be picked up after 10am and returned before 5:30pm

Waxing & Tuning in Arnold

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