Sunset Magazine Loves SNAC!

Sunset thinks Murphys is a great Last Minute Escape! Check out this issue if you didn’t already know Why You’ll Love Murphys.

They say Murphys is Where You’ll Find Stylish Shopping…

SNAC Murphys hits Sunset Magazine, August 2013!

SNAC Murphys hits Sunset Magazine, August 2013!

“Unlike so many Gold Country towns that can feel a bit forlorn with their handful of antiques shops and “quirky” boutiques, Murphys boasts raised sidewalks that are lined cheek-to-jowl with storefronts that would be at home in St. Helena, or even S.F.’s Hayes Valley. In what was once the general store, Sierra Nevada Adventure Co. hangs stylish outdoorsy clothing.”

Thank you Sunset for visiting Murphys & sharing the love!
Cheers to the other great shops, restaurants and wineries that welcome visitors to our town!

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