How do you define a “recreational” canoe? It’s tough simply because the very nature of a canoe is to be versatile and capable. Perhaps a better way to describe these boats is as value-driven. The canoes you’ll find in this section are designed to provide top performance and capability for the dollar. Designed to require minimal maintenance and provide maximum fun for the buck, they’re ideal for a family out for a casual, relaxing float, for leaving at the lakeside cottage, or for the sportsman looking for a durable stable platform from which to pursue his quarry. These boats are capable of much more (note the Explorer heritage of our 14 & 16TTs) but are friendly to the bud- get. Perfect for getting started and not easily outgrown as your skills and expectations develop.

Manufactured TripleToughTM for years of rugged reliability, this full-size family boat is also a proficient get-away- from it-all hull. Capacity, stability and sea worthiness; what more could you want?