discgolf3We get asked a lot of questions about Disc Golf, now that we have a new 18 hole course at Feeney Park in Murphys, so we thought we’d shed some light on our favorite game. Usually people will see the row of discs in the store and ask about the Frisbees, or kids will cry when we tell them they’re not intended for catching. Discs Golf discs are made for throwing because you want to hit your target, a basket faraway and make par, just like in Golf. There are thousands of courses in the US and it’s a growing sport, so hundreds pop up each year. A group of forward thinking community members led by Rocky Bridges volunteered their time to build the Feeney Park Course. With the blessings of the School Board the Feeney Park Foundation, we now have a place to meet and have some fun!

What everyone we know loves about the sport is that it’s easy to learn, the equipment is inexpensive, it’s great for all ages, and it’s free! You can practically do it year round and it’s a social game, so invite your friends and get some exercise in the great outdoors! It’s so easy to get started because who hasn’t already thrown a Frisbee? Ideally you’d have couple of discs, a bag or pack and then just head on out to a course near you. In the case of Feeney Park, stop by SNAC Arnold or Murphys to get a free map and scorecard first.

discgolf2First thing you do after orienting yourself to the course is find your first Tee box, since you need to start at the designated Tee, which at Feeney is a clear patch of dirt with a railroad tie on it. Each hole begins with a drive and ends with a putt into an elevated basket target or a tone pole which can be a pole target, with or without a metal bell on it. The holes are given a par, and reducing the number of throws in between the holes is the challenge. Some disc golf holes can be 300 ft. long, so what you need is a Driver, just like in Golf, except for this gear is much more affordable. Discs are made out of high density, easy to grip plastic that weigh from 140 to 175 grams and the price ranges from $9.95 – $18.95. Each disc provides a unique flight based on their physical structure and the Driver is made for your distance throws. As you get closer to your basket, whip out your Mid-Range or Approach disc and see what it can do for you. When you hope to have just one short throw – use your Putter and note your score when you hear the basket chains jangle or the bell ring. A sweet sound indeed!

Some things to remember about playing Feeney Park: It’s a multi-use community park and it’s at a school, so be respectful. Obviously there is no use of alcohol, tobacco (or other smokeables) on the Feeney Park grounds. You need to give priority to school functions & organized sports. That may mean skipping a hole and using good judgment when the park is crowded. Disc Golf is a game that expects high standards of etiquette and courtesy, like concern for spectators, other players and plant life on the course. You are allowed to grimace when you miss a shot, but no profanity. There are little ears all around you and we all want to make nice so we can keep this gem of a course.

Keep those discs in motion!