All modern ski/snowboard bases need waxing on a regular basis. There is a myth that “Extruded” (used on less expensive skis and snowboards) bases do not need waxing. Extruded bases do not absorb as much wax as their sintered base counterparts, but they do need to be maintained with regular waxing.

Besides waxing, it is important that your edges are sharp and bases free of damage. Having your edges sharpened at the correct bevel and deburred will keep your turns smooth and keep you in control. Base grinding helps to put the correct structure back into the base and will improve your glide and keep your skis/board running true.

So if your skis/snowboard have the following symptoms: chattering edges, unstable at speed, no edge grip, slow bases, abrupt turns, grabby edges, then make a trip to SNAC’s winter service department at the Arnold store for a ski/board tune and let us help you get back on the slopes with confidence.

Ski Binding Adjust/Test $30
All ski manufacturers recommend that bindings be serviced every 20-30 days of skiing, or a minimum of once a season. We will inspect your bindings and boots to make sure that all parts are in good working order and that the bindings are releasing correctly for you. (Rossignol, Look, Marker, Salomon, Atomic, and Tyrolia). Must be a currently indemnified binding)

Hot Belt Wax $10
Utilizing our Reichmann waxer, this two step process brushes hot wax into your base and then buffs away the excess. ALL skis and boards need to be waxed frequently to give you optimal control and performance.

Hand Iron Hot Wax $30
The most durable waxing available using a hand iron. Bring in your favorite wax or use ours. This process involves waxing by hand, cooling the skis, scraping and finally buffing the base.

Edge Tune $25
If you edges need a touch up then this is the tune for you. Using our edge grinder we will resurface your side-edges, make sure that your tips and tails are detuned and then remove any burrs on the edge. Finally we will freshen up your base with a hot belt wax.

Minor Tune $40
Are your sticks getting slow and dull? A couple passes over our grinder will remove any surface scratches, oxidation and cut a fresh structure into your base. We will also grind and polish a fresh surface onto the side and base edge. This is followed by a buffing to remove excess ptex fuzz. And to top it all off, a complimentary hot belt wax.

Major Tune $50
Does your base look like it was attacked by a Grizzly? Have no fear, our major tune will bring bring back your board from the dead. First, using our ptex base welder we will fill in all gouges. Then, using 3 different belt grades on the grinder we flatten and restructure your base. Your edges get cleaned up and your base is buffed. Of course, any tune would not be complete without a hot belt wax.

Hand Iron Hot Wax Upgrade $20
We highly recommend a hand iron hot wax with every base grind. If you would like one our shop techs to give your base extra TLC with the iron then this is a great way to finish a tune. (Applies to tunes only).

System Binding Mount/Remount $50
(Bindings must be indemnified)

Alpine Binding Drill Mount $70
(Bindings must be indemnified)

Binding Remount $75
(Bindings must be indemnified, includes plugging old holes)

SNAC services most alpine bindings by major manufactures.  Call if you have a specific binding question.

All services must be prepaid!